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January Digest, No. 1

One definite idea I have for Finely Ground is that I would like to do a monthly or quarterly digest of all things seasonal. Whatever evokes the mood of this month, this season.

I never realized how important seasons are to me until I moved to the south. When it's 70 degrees in December everything just feels out of sync and disorienting! So I have been absolutely relishing that this winter seems colder than usual for the region. There was even a "Once-In-100-Years" snowfall in mid-December.

Maybe I'll try to structure these digests by the five senses. We'll see how that goes.

Instagram addict in the house! Lately, I have been into all things Scandinavian, and am following some delightful Swedish Instagram accounts: @piasundgrenstorm@underbaraclaras@nordingarden@annikasnaturligating@villasmedsbo@plathuset  All the snow, and the slant of January light. . . . Also, it seems that the Scandinavian Instagram accounts I'm following are erupting now w…

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