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Seasonal Guide to March

It's March! Time for flowers and mud and sun and wind.... I went to a local botanical garden a little while ago to get my fill of spring flowers. It felt a little bit like stumbling upon The Secret Garden, for no one was there but me!

What does March mean to you??

To me....

St. Patrick's Day and Corned Beef and Cabbage, of course!! I guess I get kind of unreasonably excited about this holiday. Considering I'm not Irish. Or Catholic. Or even particularly interested in leprechauns and green beer.

This month I'm also kind of on a Scotland kick. I bet Scotland does March well -- daffodils and dampness and mossy rocks and that kind of thing. I've been indulging this affinity for Scotland by following these two Edinburgh instagrammers: @edienthusiast and @gisforgeorgina

In a bit of serendipity, I picked up my first ever Dorothy Sayers mystery the other day: The Five Red Herrings. I had assumed all her books were set in England, but this one is set (most charmingly) in a…

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