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8 Money Saving Apps that are Actually Worth Your Time

There are sooooo many apps out there which propose to save or win you money. And I have probably played with most of them! So here's a quick comparison to save your time and help you figure out which ones will actually be most useful to you.
I'm going to lump these apps into two categories. 1) Coupon/Money-Back Apps which help you to save money on your regular expenses -- basically, you buy stuff and then scan your receipt, and 2) Free Money Apps where you don't have to spend anything, but you'll be taking surveys or watching advertisements to earn a little, or potentially win a lot, of money.

Coupon/Money-Back Apps
Ibotta - I have had the best luck with Ibotta by far. They seem to have the largest selection both of participating stores and offers. I have gotten over $150 back in the couple of years I've been using it, primarily just through groceries and just by buying what I would normally buy. There are a variety of participating stores, though, ranging from rest…

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