This about page is "coming soon." I guess I'm rebranding at the moment, and I'm not quite sure what I'm about yet!

My name's Marissa--a lot of people just call me Rissa.

I'm currently a part-time barista and full-time accounting major -- and I'm striving to obtain my bachelors degree debt-free!

Here, ideas are shared about living well--and often greener--on a budget. Don't miss the comments--Finely Ground's readers are really smart.

I re-launched this blog in February 2012 because I wanted to more actively pursue my writing and develop a web-presence. My day-job's hours had been cut back and I had more time and less money on my hands than usual. I have been committed to living within my means, no matter how challenging that may be -- living alone on $17K per year? Not impossible!

Hopefully, what you find here will help you to organize your resources and time so that you are better able to spend yourself on the things that matter.

 DISCLAIMER: All posts reflect my personal opinion and experiences only. I am not a licensed anything (well, except driver,) so you try out any of the presented ideas or products at your own risk. :)