What do you think?

There may be an elephant in the room. :) Over the past few weeks, I've been redesigning this blog! I wanted to take just a moment to show it off and explain.
So here it is!

What, you may ask, is lagom?

Well, everyone's all about the Danish 'hygge' right now, but I ran across the Swedish 'lagom' the other day and it felt a little more relateable. Lagom, loosely translated, is the idea of "not too much, not too little: just the right amount."

It kind of sounds like a cooler version of frugal, right? Anyway, I'm going with it.

I've also revamped the post tags, so over in the sidebar you can explore this site by topic.

You might find some weird stuff over in that sidebar, though. :) Once upon a time, I migrated an old personal blog into my archives here. Now that writing is ten years old, and it makes for an interesting flashback experience.

Back then I was an idealistic English Major. Now I'm an accountant, seemingly chained to practicality. I'd like to figure out how to fuse those two a little if I can. So that's why I'm "exposing myself" so to speak, by including those ancient posts in the tag cloud.

As one last item, I'm endeavoring to set up a prettier e-mail subscription option through Mail Chimp. -- It will send out new posts as a weekly digest. And on that note, you can sign up here!.