Favorite Amazon Fashion Finds

I used to be a little skeptical of buying clothes on Amazon. It's so flooded with obscure brand names and products that ship from overseas with unpredictable sizing. Over the past year, though, I've scored such great deals. Here are a few of my favorites....

1. Crushed Velvet Top -- I have this in "wine", and it has been so festive for the holidays! And it will still be festive come Valentine's Day. This is one of the spendier items on my list, but it's versatile and trendy, and I've gotten a ton of compliments. :)
2. Rose Gold Pearl Bracelet -- I'm not a jewelry person, but picked this up to dress up for a wedding. So delicate and feminine.
3.  Floral Lounge Pants -- So these are only like $15. And oh my gosh, I have probably worn them every single week since I got them this past summer. Love!
4. Cowl Neck Top -- Nice and moody for fall/winter. It's a great length to wear with skinnies and boots!
5. Columbia Hiking Shoe -- This may look like kind of a random inclusion, but these shoes have been so great I wanted to mention them. They are kind of stiff bottomed, being hiking shoes, but have great tread, super comfortable, and surprisingly easy to clean! I thought I had ruined them the very first time I wore them, hiking through a muddy forest into a cave -- but they rinsed right off. Even the faux suede parts! Win.

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