Dry Winter Skin vs. Frugal Girl

You know that feeling when it's about 15 degrees, and you walk outside, and the skin on your unprotected face starts dehydrating and cracking like this picture of dirt within seconds?

Yeah. It seems to me that this winter has been exceptionally dry.

My hands have been requiring constant maintenance. True, they are in and out of dishwater repeatedly over the course of my workdays....

Even if your circumstances aren't that extreme, if you suffer from dry skin in the winter these frugal tips might help:

  1. Drink lots of water. Ultimate frugal hydration tip--this will help moisturize you from the inside out. Consider avoiding diuretics like caffeine.
  2. Wear Protective Gear outside. You know, like mittens. Even if you're just going to the mailbox and back--if your hands are dry and your climate is dry, this little, simple thing will honestly make a difference.
  3. Build lotion into your schedule. No skimping. Moisturize at least morning and night, and especially after a hot, steamy shower. If you are in and out of dishwater all day, like me, you will also want to moisturize your hands once or twice during the day. Unfortunately, lotions and potions are expensive. Make sure they are on your Christmas and birthday wishlists.
  4. Lean towards natural products. It seems to me that a lot of moisturizers out there go for quick but fleeting results. . ."Instant relief" that lasts all of ten minutes. This phenomenon is not surprising when you take a look at all the crazy chemicals on the ingredients list.
  5. Humidify your house. Especially if you have forced air heating, you may notice your home is drier in the winter months. A humidifier in the bedroom could provide some relief! Or for a cheaper fix, keep a tea kettle steaming on your stove top --just don't let it boil dry!
For general moisturization, I use straight coconut oil. It makes a great intensive lip balm, too! A little goes a loooooooong way. I bought a $7 jar over a year ago, used half of it in batches of homemade deoderant, and the remainder is still going strong. If you get unrefined, it smells pleasantly coconutty. . .

For hands, this lotion has worked the best for me, even though it isn't natural. Don't know why it works so well! At least the EWG only rates it a 3 on their hazard scale.

I love this salve by Burt's Bees for during the day. The metal container and screw-on lid allows me to throw it in my purse and let it rattle around in there without worrying about leaks.

How do you fight dry winter skin?

*disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and I don't earn a commission if you buy these products. :) I just happen to like them.


Oh… this is really helpful… I suffer a lot with my dry skin, it makes me feel frustrated… these tips refreshed me.
I suffer from dry skin problem in every winter .This post gave me the great information to over come my skin problem.
Mrs. Micawber said…
My husband swears by olive oil mixed with glycerin.

You might like this recipe from one of my bloggy friends:

Thanks for visiting my blog! :)
I love coconut oil too but for my face I use castor oil, you know the stuff that gives you the- ahem- you know what I'm talking about. Well I swear that my eyelashes have gotten longer and an age spot has faded after 4 or 5 months using the stuff. I'm a new follower and I love your info and writing style.
Marissa Deen said…
Thanks for sharing! :)
Marissa Deen said…
Thanks for following! :) I've followed you back. . .

Castor oil, huh? I've got some in my cupboard. Hmmmm.