A Blogging Quandry

Well, folks, I'm moving to South Dakota.

The idea is that I'll go back to school and get some sort of extremely practical degree to increase my earning potential. (What degree will it be? Good question. I'm open to suggestions.)

This presents a bit of a problem from the blogging standpoint.

For one thing, I'll probably no longer be a Poor Barista, I'll be a Poor Student. So the name "Finely Ground" and half of my blog's tagline will no longer make sense.

Additionally, I won't be moving at least until May.

So what am I supposed to blog about till them? It's too early to start in on the moving, packing, down-sizing, and move-out cleaning tips with any degree of fervor. . .But anything I buy or make between now and then, it will just have to be down-sized or hauled 800 miles.

So I'm just sitting around over here in a state of paralysis.


Have you ever experienced pre-life-change paralysis? What did you do about it?