An Autumnal Smattering

This is the view from my desk. When the sun's just right, the apples are like rubies in a leafy filigree.

The high today was 43 degrees, and, in fact, there's an 80% chance of snow on Saturday! After such a hot summer, this abrupt change makes me feel like hibernating.

So I've been hibernating--mainly in the kitchen.

I "baked" some potatoes in my crock-pot this afternoon according to these instructions. . .I must say, I recommend this method! For some reason, the potatoes seemed more flavorful than usual. I wonder if the longer, slower cooking causes the natural sugars to caramelize somewhat?

And then I ate a Dutch Baby. 

Um, NO. This has not turned into a creepy zombie-lady Halloween blog. A couple months ago, I read about Dutch Baby Pancakes in Molly Wizenberg's book, and when I came across this recipe at Dearest Nature I could resist no longer.

Take a look at it--a Cinnamon Apple Dutch Baby. I think this is an epoch in my life.

I'm horrible at making pancakes. When I attempt pancakes, they're always lopsided, and I never flip them at the right time, and they crumble into panmush.

Call this recipe a pancake for dummies. You basically saute sliced apples, pour batter over the top of them, and then bake it for 20 minutes. Foolproof! -- and what's more, me proof!

I'm sorry, there are no leftovers.

Slathered in maple syrup, that thing was a slice of heaven.

If you're still working on your 5 Things with Apples from the fall checklist, you should try this out!

How's the weather where you're at, and what's in your oven?