The Grout Challenge: Redux

Okay, you put up with a lot from me. You grimace through growdy bathtub photos anyway. Remember the infamous grout?

Well, it got worse.

We're talking serious biohazard worse. I could have started a farm that specialized in breeding rare and unusual species of mold. (No new pics of that, though. You're welcome.)

I decided there is no natural or non-toxic way to deal with grunge and inconvenience that is Grout.

So here's what I did.

  • As per Makenzie's suggestion, I went over all the lines with a bleach pen and a toothbrush. What a great idea!! (yes, two exclamation points are really necessary.) The gel-like nature of it and fine tip made it easy to apply as a spot treatment, and a LOT less noxious to breath. (Note, I just used one from the laundry section, but in searching for a product to link came across this one by Tilex which looks like an even better idea...)
  • As per a bunch of other suggestions, I picked up a grout cleaner and resealer. (this is the one I used .) Now, to be honest, I really don't think this would have done much to the dirt and stain issues had I not went over it with bleach first. However, it does seem to be preventing speedy regrowth, and I think overall the shower is staying cleaner and brighter than it ever has before.

While I was at the store I noticed this product . A bioezymatic tile and grout cleaner. It claims to clean with enzymes and be earth-friendly? For real? Have you ever heard of this? (might be what I try next time, as my bleach pen is almost out.)

Thanks so much for all of your help!