Seasons: Embrace

Embrace where you're at.

Even if you're not where you want to be, you can start taking steps to get there and embrace where you're at "for the time being."

Here are some reminders:
  1. There's never an ideal time to start.
  2. But if you start today from nothing, tomorrow you'll be able to continue from something.
  3. If you were going to go a mile on foot, would it be comprised of one REALLY BIG LEAP or a couple thousand steps?


My life has completely switched modes and I'm not feeling extremely inspired tonight. Nor was I the last couple of nights when I should have been writing this post instead of procrastinating. :)

Since December, I had been surviving on a shoe-string budget, trying to make ends meet on nearly-minimum-wage, 25-hours-per-week-sized paychecks. The Lord knows how that was managed (I mean that literally.) I was short on money and long on time, and I embraced it. I took the opportunity to launch this blog and began to seriously pursue freelance writing.

Now, just as full-time hours became available at my job again, I picked up a second part-time job. This week, I'm working around 50 hours. Next week it will be closer to 60. Feast or famine.

I'm having a hard time embracing.

I really enjoy working with small businesses and I'm on fire to keep pushing my writing in that direction—worried about losing momentum. Landing this bread-and-butter job at a big box store feels like the energy-sucking antithesis to what I actually want to be doing. All I've been to so far is orientation, but looking at my schedule makes my head hurt and I've already been coming home everyday from my primary job brain-fuzzy with fatigue.

Blah blah blah. I could whine more—in fact, I've whined a great deal already across many different outlets.

But there's a lesson in this: embrace.

This overabundance of work is a gift, and it's exactly what I needed. I've been putting off tires, a new starter, shoes to replace mine which are literally falling apart, a new vision prescription for my contacts and glasses. . .and other things I can't remember right now. (Brain-fuzzy, remember?)

This is the truth: working two jobs this summer is what's going to enable me to afford to more seriously pursue writing. It's a step I need to take, embrace, and feel grateful for.


What kind of season are you in right now? –Does it feel like feast? Famine? Are you frustrated?

Here's a challenge: Embrace it. Not only embrace it, but build upon it.

You don't have to keep waiting.