Borax: Reader's Edition

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Hi all, thanks for reading—and welcome! I've been blown away how many new readers have arrived over the last couple of weeks. I love all of the insightful comments and tips that are being shared.

Remember when I discovered how great borax works on tough bathtub stains? Well, the comments on that post are clocking in at 104 right now! Some of them were so good, I wanted to feature them in their own post to make sure you didn't miss them. :) Each name links back to the original comment thread where you can get more details. Without further ado...

From Emma: This looks amazing! Careful though - borax is a poison and can make kids and pets sick. (That's why it works on ants.) Rinse thoroughly before letting anyone use the tub and don't leave it where kids can reach. Just saying. This really is awesome though! :)
So glad Emma shared that! I don't have any kids or pets currently, but it reminded me of a cat I used to have which liked to sneak into bathtubs after someone had showered and lick up the water puddles. (Weird cat.) Definitely remember to rinse the tub well after borax (or any cleaner, for that matter!) Borax is generally agreed to be pretty non-toxic as long as it is ONLY used externally.

From Cherie C.: My midwestern mom had us clean all of the porcelain with borax. Then one time she sprinkled a little on the floor in front of a crack in the wall for the ants that were coming thru. Cured that problem too!
A lot of people chimed in on borax's bug-be-gone power's! Everything from fleas, to ants, to roachs, to spiders. It couldn't have been more timely, because this is the week that spiders and earwigs started waking up and finding their way into my apartment. I sprinkled some borax at the floors and windows where they usually arrive and haven't seen one since! We'll see how long it lasts. . .

From Montana722: I have had my tub that dirty (thanks to bad drainage and two DIRTY kids) :) and I had TERRIFIC success with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and water. It even got off the residue left behind by the "no cleaning spray-on cleaner." :)  
I guess I'll have to try out Magic Erasers next, because everyone is using them! Just be careful on wood or anything painted.

From KDS: and if you think borax with water is good, mix borax or baking soda with enough dishwashing liquid (dawn, palmolive, etc) to make a paste... it works like magic just with the green scrubbers, you hardly have to work at all!
Good to know—that sounds epic!
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In other news, I want to venture into the wild world of homemade yogurt. Anybody have a good tip or tutorial?