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I am a nerd. I find new ways to be nerdy and new nerdy thoughts to think on almost a daily basis. (Ask my husband.) I thought I would share my latest nerdery with you today. You see, I have been listening to congressional sessions. How, you may be wondering, have I reached a point in my life where this sounds like an interesting way to spend my time? Well, I’ll tell ya. It all started on January 6 th when the capital was invaded by rioters during the electoral college count, and our congressmen and women were all evacuated and kept safe for the hours that this extraordinary event occurred, but just as easily could all have been murdered instead. When they re-convened in the evening, I searched the internet for a live feed. Being a rather lackluster Citizen, it took a bit for me to find this stuff; if you are in the same position and interested, here is the House and here is the Senate . Of course, I was as interested as anybody in what all they were going to decide – but what really d

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