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2018 Reading Re-Cap

My reading life underwent massive changes in 2018, so I wanted to write a quick post about it.
(The trouble with only blogging like once a year is that like every time I go to write a new post, I find my tag-line and header is totally obsolete. "Lagom Lifestyle in the Deep South?" Here I am writing from the other end of the country. But for the sake of actually writing a post, let's just ignore that right now.)
For a brief history, I've been guzzling down books pretty much from the cradle. I shared books for show and tell with my preschool class, some of my fondest childhood memories involve libraries, I read l00+ books for fun every year through most of my high school years, have been a devoted Goodreads user since 2008, and have cataloged my entire memorable reading life at over 1000 books. I was even an English major for a little while. The written word is vital to my well-being.
But, you know, life happens. You grow up, distractions and responsibilities accrue. 

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