Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 Ways to Spend Less on Clothes

I was updating my budgeting spreadsheet for the year and realized that I have spent $172 on clothes this year. It kind of freaked me out. I spent HOW much in three months?? Ugh! Time for a spending freeze! But then I took a step back and realized that, actually, I've done a pretty darn good job at spending wisely. That $172 brought home a whopping 24 items -- so I spent an average of just $7.17 per item! How is this possible?



In years past, I have had an extremist approach to clothes budgeting, purchasing new items only when they were a decent price (which in my mind is usually less than $10) and my wardrobe had a strong and specific need for a particular piece. If, on a whim, I decided I wanted an apple green cardigan to wear over a certain shirt, I would scour the internet and thrift stores for months and only buy once I had found the perfect one at the perfect price. If my jeans had trendy looking holes, they earned them through long lives of hard work, by golly! I wore clothes until they were no longer fit to be worn, pretty much. I'm sure certain of my acquaintances would argue that I still do. . .

However, my spending habits have loosened up a little in the past year -- reason: for better or for worse, it's because I have this super awesome boyfriend who seems to enjoy the "classy and well-kept" look better than the "grunge/I don't care" look. Combine this new motivation to look "nice" with some very legitimate wardrobe needs (socks and underwear. You can only put them off so long,) and I have spent the last few months on some very specific searches. . .



- A pair of summer sandals that looks nice but are also supportive and fit for a decent amount of walking.
- Pants! A couple pairs of jeans, at least another pair of casual shorts or capris, and another pair or two of workout shorts or capris.
- A blue shirt to pair with a certain white skirt.
- A maxi skirt, to scratch this itch I've had to jump on the maxi skirt trend.
- Swim cover ups
- Shirts in a greater variety of colors. Do you ever look in your closet and realize you have, like, fifteen purple sweaters and that's all? Because that's like the story of my life. For awhile all my shirts were blue, and now they're all purple. It's weird.
- A sports bra. A tricky proposition if you're as tricky a size as I am.
- Oh yeah, and socks and underwear.


Here are some of the principles I kept in mind as I searched.

  1. Know when to go for quality rather than price. Shoes are turning into my non-negotiable here. Ten years of food service and retail has been tough on my knees, and supportive shoes are an absolute must.
  2. Know when to go for new rather than used. This can be pretty subjective, but things I prefer not to buy used are shoes, socks, and underwear, obviously, for the gross factor! I also steer away from used workout clothes and white shirts. I don't know about you, but my white shirts turn grey fast enough without a head start from anyone else's use.
  3. Look for specific pieces in specific colors or styles. Idle browsing can easily send you home with things you don't need that don't really pair well with anything else in your closet. Confession: I probably bought more shirts than I really needed to. I was browsing. It is true.
  4. Have a price limit in your head for every type of clothing you're looking for. Decide ahead of time what it's reasonable for you to spend on a shirt, or pants, or dress. Looking at tons of clothes at prices like $39.99 can be really desensitizing. You may begin to think to yourself that $24.99 is a good price for a tank-top, comparatively. . . .But then you can jerk yourself back to reality: "Dude, no. I was going to spend no more than $9 on a tank top. This one's almost three times that"
  5. Shop used first. Whenever reasonable, hit the thrift stores to fill holes in your wardrobe BEFORE browsing new items. If you can fill some holes with $5 used items, you'll end up spending MUCH less than if you had bought everything new  even at cheaper locations like Target or TJ-Maxx.
  6. However, for the items you WON'T buy used, shop the cheaper "new" stores first, like Target, Walmart, or off-price retailers like TJ-Maxx and Ross. Off-price retailers are an especially good source for finding high quality items at reasonable prices (like shoes!!); you just have to be ready to sort through the junky stuff that's being offered at the same price.
  7. Do your research. If you're looking for a specific item, you can browse a ton of stores online in a fraction of the time it would take to browse their brick-and-mortar counterparts. This is a good way to compare prices and find exactly what you want with greater efficiency. To avoid shipping, you may be able to ship site-to-store for free. Or maybe the item's already available at your local store; most websites allow you to check individual store inventories for the availability of what you're looking at.
  8. Consider reward points. If you find you're going to purchase multiple items at a certain store, see if any of your credit cards offer bigger cash back for purchasing online. If you're a member of Swagbucks or another reward point, purchasing online through that platform may earn you extra reward points. If you were going to purchase the items anyway, and in a large enough quantity to score free shipping, you might as well maximize the cash back you can receive! I used my Discover card AND shopped through Swagbucks Shop & Earn Platform when applicable. Now I have reward points to put towards future Amazon purchases of textbooks. (Gak.)
  9. Do not neglect the humble coupon code. When purchasing online, always check to see if you can get 10% off by registering for promotional e-mails; always check other sites like RetailMeNot or CouponChief to see if there's other deals lurking out there that aren't readily apparent. At the very least, it's often possible to find a code for free shipping.
  10. Have in mind the total amount you're willing or able to spend. I kind of failed here -- I was thinking I'd try to cap my purchases around $100 not counting shoes, but I didn't keep very good track of what I was spending as I spent it, and thus, I overshot my limit somewhat. Even if you don't stick to your budget, chances are you'll STILL end up spending less just by having one in mind than by going out without one!



- An amazing pair of Cliffs sandals for $24.99 at TJ-Maxx
- 2 pairs of jeans, including a pair of like-new Seven for All Mankind that was only $5.99 at Savers--score!
- A pair of khaki shorts and a pair of grey running shorts totaling about $10.
- Scored the blue shirt!
- After much deliberation, found an aqua colored maxi skirt. It was $25. :(
- Two swim cover-ups -- one, an iffy $5 one on Amazon shipping from China, and the other a neutral colored one from Walmart that was, I think, $14. . .
- LOTS of shirts in a pretty decent variety of styles from dressy to casual, including two new workout shirts and two basic white tanks/camis which were greatly needed. They all were less than $5 each at thrift stores with the exception of the two white tanks which were new from Target and about $12, I think.
- A sports bra for about $8 on clearance at TJ-Maxx.
- And yep, the socks and underwear, too.

All in all, I have ended up with 24 new articles of clothing, averaging $7.17 per item. And if we take out the two most expensive (the shoes and skirt were each $25), the total of $122 spread over 22 items averages just $5.55 each.

So yes, I spent more than I'm used to, and more than I intended. . . But on the whole, I am quite satisfied with all my purchases and their respective prices.

The least satisfying purchase was the maxi skirt. I was hoping for one that could be worn with black OR brown sandals, was of a sturdy material, and a fun print. I ended up getting a solid colored aqua one which I chose for the reviews which said it was of a heavier material. It's really thin, though, and I might as well have gone with the $8 skirt with the bad reviews instead of this $25 with good ones.  Lesson: embracing trends is often not as satisfying as you think it will be; if you really want to indulge, go for cheap.

What are your best saving tips when it comes to fashion?