Friday, March 8, 2013

Cheap Thrills 01

Don't let this picture fool you.
This post has nothing to do with yarn.

Okay, for the sake of updating my blog with something, anything. . .here's a post of some cheap or free things I've appreciated lately.

As you might remember, my primary source of income went kaput (no more latte slinging over here :(....) and I'm saving up for a cross-state move.

So if I'm going to have any fun over here, it better be cheap!

Cheap Thrills!

  • The OED's Word of the Day. You can sign up to have it e-mailed to you. Today's was "achoo" -- If I were rich and extravagant, I would pay the $295 annual fee to have total online access to the dictionary. But I'm not, so I just revel in the linguistic luxury of a free word-a-day.
  • Volunteering at a local cat shelter. I started in January. . .I always kind of wanted to, but the death of my family's elderly cat in December spurred me into it. I've never rented with a lease that allowed pets, so I've been cat-less for too long! Volunteering at the shelter is truly the highlight of my week. (Not sure what this says about me...Crazy Old Cat Lady?)
  • Rediscovering my french press and drinking decaf coffee at any hour of the day or night. Working at a coffee shop four days a week, I didn't make coffee at home very often. Now that we're closed, though, it's a totally different story. I really only drink a cup at a time--not a whole pot!--so french pressing eliminates waste.
  • Italy. I've been on this random Italy kick lately. It's pretty. Let's go. (Hey! Daydreams are free!)
  • Little Dorrit. This book is like biting into a big, juicy peach. It seems much more tightly written than what I usually would expect from Dickens, and much less farcical. (I just finished Nicholas Nickleby, though, so the contrast between his earlier and later works is especially apparent!)
  • Jane Austen Unbound on Facebook. Okay, okay, okay, stop throwing things at me. I know I railed against the evil time waster-iness of computer games. Actually, I've gotten sucked into a few of them since that post. (Thanks Mom.) But it's Jane Austen, so it doesn't count. Right? Right? Okay, I'm not fooling anybody. Obviously this is a case of do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do.
  • Soaking in the tub. With epsom salt! Ugh. Lately I've been one big living, breathing Ache. Walking around on concrete for eight hours at a time, lugging around 40lb boxes of whatever will do that to a person. But I picked up this huge bag of Dr. Teal's epsom salts at Walmart, and it seems to help. This isn't a particular advertisement for Dr. Teal's or anything, it just happened to be the cheapest and/or only brand I saw.

What have been your latest frugal delights?