Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Fixing" bleach spots...

So you're wearing your new favorite shirt, and pouring some bleach into the laundry machine. You're being verrrrry very careful. . .No drips. You wash your hands. You think you're fine.

And then two hours later you look down and see the spots.


I was almost quite dismayed, but then my gaze chanced to fall upon a sharpie on my desk.

Black shirt. . .Black sharpie. . .Hmmmm.

It actually turned out okay. You can still see the where the spots were, as they're now a little too dark, but it's more wearable than  when the spots were white.

Since there are so many different colored sharpies out there, this idea might have a broader application....!

If you want to give this idea a try on some of your bleach-spotted clothing, here are a few mistakes of mine that you can learn from. . .

1) Be prepared for the ink to go on darker than you think it will.

2) Dab rather than swipe. Try your best to color just inside the spots and not on the surrounding fabric. Just kinda. . .poke at the spots.

3) Oh yeah, and please put some paper underneath your working area. Because it will bleed through. Heh.

Yep. Those are sharpie stains you see on my desk. Oh well, no bigs.

Disclaimer: Don't hold me responsible if you aren't satisfied with the results! I mean, it won't be perfect, and the shirt was already ruined anyway, right?

Do you have any great tricks for fixing bleach spotted clothing?

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