Monday, November 26, 2012

Deck the Halls?

When I found myself putting ornaments on my aloe plant, I knew needed help.

See, I had a nice wreath . . . a 4ish foot Christmas tree . . . but they landed in a dumpster. (Long story.) I was left with little but ornaments and some tinsel fragments.

So do you know what I did? I went shopping at Jo-Ann Fabric on Black Friday. Can I plead insanity?

When I went to check out, I followed the line back and back. . .It went literally all the way to the yarn in the opposite corner of the store.

I got some sweet deals, though, so maybe there's something to be said for Black Friday shopping.


Here was the real steal. . . This twig/berry wreath with star embellishments is usually $39.99. It was running $16 instead. . .And I had clipped a coupon from the Thanksgiving newspaper for 25% off my entire purchase! $40 wreath for $12! And it's neutral enough, that I can enjoy it all the way till the leaves are back on the trees.

Among the other steals. . .a foot-tall Christmas tree with a burlap-wrapped base for $6.50, 3 rolls of seasonal ribbon for $1.48 each (usually $2.99), and a roll of wrapping paper for a dollar.

I don't think I've ever bought wrapping paper before. I'm one of those people who re-use wrapping paper and gift-bags, and when the universe fails to renew my supply, I use newspaper instead.

What can I say. I was standing in line for half an hour and they had cannily put barrels of wrapping paper along the entire length of it. One's willpower can only hold out so long.

Do you ever shop on Black Friday? What's the best deal you ever scored?


I have some seasonal DIYs up my sleeve, but the lighting in my apartment has NOT been cooperating enough to get decent photos of them, so stay tuned. 

(Not joking about the lighting. For that picture of the wreath I had to set my shutter speed to 1/4 and try not to breathe. It only took about 200 tries to get a half decent shot.)

In the mean time, check out my Merry and Bright pinboard! I was really inspired by this post on small-space Christmas trees from Apartment Therapy. . .

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