Thursday, November 29, 2012

Anthropologie-Inspired Flatware. . .

I was browsing Anthropologie the other day, and this really made me laugh.

Pictured at that link, you have 5 pieces of mismatched silverware. For $36 (not counting shipping.) Which comes to $7.20 (not counting shipping) per utensil.

Holy Cheez Whiz. 

Sure, it's silver plated. But if you were going to go the expense of real silver or silver plating, wouldn't you . . .I don't know. . .Get something less quirky?

Now look at the charmingly mismatched silverware pictured here. Okay, it's just stainless steel, but . . .It cost, um. . . $1.25, I think. How'd I do it?

Achieve the Anthropologie Look for Pennies
  1. Go to GoodWill. 
  2. Look in their bins of silverware. I think mine charges 25 cents per piece, though I've heard of places charging only 10 cents.
  3. Pick out some pretty ones.
Easiest Anthropologie Knock-Off Ever.

And since they didn't cost $36, you don't have to be afraid to use them.

I, in fact, use my Anthropologie Inspired Flatware everyday. Living high, folks!

Okay, okay. {/end snark}

What's the best designer knock-off you've ever seen?

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