Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10 Ways to Recycle and Old Toothbrush

Toothbrushes rock my world.

Here are 10 ways you can recycle an old toothbrush before it finally hits the trash can. --Just remember to bleach it or run it through the dishwasher before using it on, say, your hair!

The Toothbrush Ten

  1. Touch up your roots if you dye your hair. Or use it to add highlights.
  2. Detail the car--vents, knobs, and other tricky cracks and corners.
  3. Dust the lint out of floor and wall vents.
  4. Scrub around faucets, oven knobs, sink caulking. . .
  5. Scrub under your fingernails!
  6. Scrub clothing stains as you pre-treat them.
  7. Grout!
  8. Gently clean old or grimey jewelry.
  9. Get muffin crumbs out from between your computer keys. (or is that just me?)
  10. My personal fave: Scrub out the tracks for windows and shower doors. Gross!
Do you save old toothbrushes for other uses?