Friday, October 26, 2012

Spotlight on a Dream

Imagine a farm nestled in the hills of Virginia. In fact, imagine God's Whisper Farm, a retreat for writers and musicians:

It’s a small crowd, maybe 50 people, gathered on an October day to hear a singer-songwriter play, hike on the mountain, eat a potluck spread of good food. Some of those who attend will stay the night, camping on the mountain or crashing on the floor of the barn. Others will drive in for the evening and then go home. Everyone is here for the same things – good music, good food, good community, and good work.....(more of the mission statement here if you're intrigued.)

This project is actually in the works by writer, Andrea Cumbo.

Would you like to cheer her on?

Homer the Seal
Andi has an Etsy shop (talk about multi-talented!)

She specializes in cross-stitch and crochet. In her own words,

"My shop is made up of things I have made, my friend Kathy has made, and that my mother made before she passed away in November 2010. They are all handmade and one of a kind. I can custom-make animals (almost anything - even a star-nosed mole) and scarves. . .I make crocheted baby clothes, too. I also cross-stitch, so if someone has a theme or pattern (baby gifts and nursery decorations are often a big hit), I can make something that way as well."

Sales from her Etsy shop help to support her work on God's Whisper Farm.

The holidays are coming up! Check out her shop for unique gifts. And if you have a hankering for a star-nosed mole? She's got you covered.

I'll keep a link to the shop in my sidebar--just look for Homer the Seal.

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?