Monday, October 15, 2012

Seasonal Room Make-Over: $5.50 Budget

Disclaimer: My apartment is not the apartment of an interior designer. It is cozy, I suppose, in its rather stark and minimalistic way. . .But, in general, its decor tends to lean towards the shabby side of Shabby Chic. So I'm a little hesitant to post photos of it, but will do so for the purpose of illustration. :)

Remember my post on budget-friendly fall decor? I want to show you how it played out in my living room (--I know! Now that we're half through October and everybody's starting to post Christmas stuff . . .)

Here's a Before and After. . .

The differences:
  1. I turned the pillow on the couch upside down to expose its harvest golden backside. Sometimes it is just that easy, folks.
  2. I bought a pie pumpkin for $3 and set it on the record player to be Decor until it is eaten.
  3. I dumped my potpourri out of its glass bowl (which I will need for holiday cooking coming up anyway) and into a rustic looking basket that cost $1.50 at GoodWill.
  4. And I made a garland out of paper pumpkin doilies that cost $1 for, like, 30 of them at the Dollar Tree. (You've already seen them here. Double-whammy!)

My room makeover cost a whopping $5.50. And that's including the paper doilies which can be used multiple places since there's so many of them, and a pumpkin that will later be made into pie.

How do you save money on seasonal decorating?