Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Help! -- The Resolution.

Here's a peak inside by kitchen cupboards.

You might remember that a couple weeks ago, my kitchen was taken over by a ravenous horde (or maybe a few hundred hordes??) of flour beetles.

Good news! I think they're gone.

I wrote about what I did initially--emptied the cupboards, threw stuff out, and so forth. . .

After a little more research and some helpful tips from readers, here's how I proceeded to wipe them out:

1) Bleach. I scrubbed the cupboards and drawers and counters, inside, out, and especially in the crevices with bleach. Hey, the fumes were almost enough to kill me, so they'd better be enough to kill the bugs.

2) Watched and waited. I didn't re-stock right away. I kept an eye out for any stragglers. After being ousted from their comfortable home, I found some desperately leaking into some other weird places—under the toaster where there were some errant bread crumbs, in the drawer with the hot pads because some cookie crumbs had fallen in there, and finally some were making a last ditch for the garbage can. Finally, after they seemed to be gone, I began to carefully re-stock.

3) Air-tight containers. I had a couple containers already—for my flour and sugar—but I went all out and bought containers for everything else I could think of, too. I didn't find one long enough for spaghetti noodles, so I'm storing those in the freezer! Other things like bread and cereal are living in my fridge.

4) Snow white lining paper. My kitchen is rather dark, and my food cupboards are in the darkest corner. My last lining paper had been an inoffensive beige which everything blended into. My new liners are so bright white that the bugs will be able to run but they can't hide! Bwahahaha!


All in all, I think bleach was the lynch-pin. It killed whatever it touched, and I was able to starve out the rest.

I hope this information never comes in handy for you! But in case it does. . .Now you're armed.