Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Finish it! Challenge

(If you're reading this in a reader or via e-mail, you may have to click to the actual post to see the link submission form. Sorry! Anybody know why this is? I've never done one before.)

Confession: I have been working on this blanket, on-and-off, for almost three years. In fact, it will be three years in November.

To say I'm ready for something new is an understatement; but to just abandon this blanket, unfinished, would pretty much drive me bonkers.

I bet you have an unfinished project, too. Novel manuscript under the bed? Half-filled baby-book from two kids ago? Skeleton of a knitted scarf in your closet?

Okay, stop wincing. We can do this!

I dare you to pull out an old project this fall and finish it up.

If you have a blog, write about it! I find blogging is a great accountability tool. And once you write, please contribute your link below so we can cheer you on. (Tweets and facebook posts are welcome in the link party, too! Whatever floats your boat.)

Here's a template for your post if you're stuck for ideas.

I ______, pledge to lay old project _______ to rest by ______. One way I can do this is _________.

e.g. I, Marissa, pledge to lay my old blanket project to rest by Christmas of this year. One way I can do this is by putting my yarn basket next to my bed and crocheting instead of reading before I go to sleep!

P.S. September is National Sewing Month. Give you any ideas? ;)