Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: P & C Ceramic Supply

(I'm very pleased to be able to offer ad space in my sidebar. Through August, ad spots are only $5/mo—if you have a blog or business you'd like to plug, here's some more information!)

Finely Ground's newest sponsor is P & C Ceramic Supply, and I've been in contact with owner Ruth Ann.

Ruth Ann is a multi-certified Ceramics Instructor, and is happy to offer advice on your projects as well as the tools you need to bring them to completion.

She and her husband have owned P & C Ceramics since 2007, and they are now launching a web-store which already features a dizzying array of art supplies! Pottery, jewelry, and porcelain dolls are just a few of the niches she serves.

Be sure to check it out!

Dear readers, don't think I've forgotten you! I've been kind of drained lately, working two jobs with little protection from all the record breaking heat this year. . .But I've got some posts in the works. Next up, affordable vision care--even without insurance! Do you have any experience ordering prescription eyeglasses online?