Monday, April 16, 2012

Grow Your Own: Update

 About a month ago, I planted some old vegetable seeds in an egg carton. They'd been sitting in storage for around three years, since the last time I had garden space was 2009—so I wasn't sure if anything would come of them. I also live in an apartment with very limited sun. But on the other hand, I figured if they did grow, it would be an excellent testimony to the possibility of growing vegetables no matter where you live.

Growing food is cool. I've been surprised and delighted by how well everything's doing, so it's about time for an update.

The radishes are flourishing. They sprouted after only three days, and I potted them when they were an inch or so high. It looks like I'll have nine—I arranged them in a ring in a container of about a foot in diameter.  Supposedly, they harvest in 25-28 days. We're past that, but it's been chilly and they haven't been getting perhaps as much sun as they would like. I'll keep checking on them; the root end is definitely red and thickening, but no bulbs yet.

I have four sugar snap pea vines that I'm growing up yarn which I've flung over a plant-hook. Their picture didn't turn out, but they're doing well. In the center of both of these pots, I planted a kohlrabi. I figured the radishes would be ready to harvest much earlier, so they would be taken out to give the kohlrabi room when it got bigger. As for the peas, they will grow upwards so that kohlrabi shouldn't be too crowded.

Last, I planted my hollyhocks after about three weeks in the egg carton. They're still a little tentative. We'll see what they do. . .

Do you have a kitchen garden?
How's it coming?

P.S. It's lilac time here in Colorado. Here's a trick to keep cut lilacs looking fresh longer: As soon as you cut them, smash the bottom inch or two of the stems with a hammer. They will be better able to drink this way, and won't get droopy so fast!