Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY: Idea Book

Did you know there are 992 different homemade laundry detergent recipes on Pinterest? (Also, that 47.3% of all statistics are made up?)

What's a girl to do? How's do you find out what works and what doesn't? How do you even keep track of what you've tried?

I keep an Idea Book

It's insanely useful. It organizes lists, recipes, tips, and tricks--to say nothing of all the medicinal uses of cayenne pepper known to mankind--by category.

Instead of hopelessly searching my blog-reader or scrolling through millions of pins and likes to try and track down some piece of information that once caught my eye, I can flip to, say, "Cleaning" and find Crunchy Betty's Daily Sparkly Shower Spray in a split second--faster than it takes, even, to turn on my laptop.

Not only that, but I can stick magazine clippings or notes written from library books in it, too, so that all of my information is in one place.

Make Your Own

  • An old or new binder (I bought a pretty one at Target)
  • Tabbed section dividers
  • Colorful pens or narrow-tipped markers
  • Graph paper--the kind that's 3-hole-punched
  • Clear plastic page protectors
  • Lined and/or blank notecards
  • Clear plastic photo protectors that fit your notecards
  • Post-it Notes, if that's how you roll (optional)

Do it:
  1. Decide what sort of information you're going to collect--recipes, cleaning tricks, nutritional information, budgeting tips, etc.
  2. Name your book and label the spine and/or cover. Be artsy! Have fun! (That is the voice of experience. Mine is named, "Healthy Housekeeping." Talk about blah.)
  3. Divide your book into sections that make sense to you. Put some graph paper, page protectors, and notecards into each one.
  4. Take a quick spin through your online pin-boards, blog-rolls. Start compiling some of the handiest information. Use different colored pens to help categorize information if you want. Or draw out lists onto graph paper with cheerful doodles.
  5. If you have a stack of old magazines sitting around, this could be the perfect time to downsize. Clip what you want to save and recycle the rest!
  6. Keep a stack of notecards by your computer to make cataloging easier. 

My illustrated Dirty Dozen list

Finally: Sit back and bask in the glow of effective organization.

Be as creative and/or comprehensive as you want! You could even turn your book into a sort of scrapbook.

If you keep at it, it could turn out to be a wonderful resource to hand down to your children when they're grown and forming nests of their own.--Something more tangible and "from Mom" than a page of Boards on Pinterest.

How do you keep track of tips and tricks?