Friday, February 3, 2012

Why do people subscribe to some blogs--but not to yours?

I was thinking about this question in terms of my own blog, and here's what I figured out.

This blog is pretty much a failure. I mean, I hardly ever write anything here; and if I do it’s, to be frank, just a bunch of navel-gazing. And even though there are posts here dating back to 2008, I have never, to my knowledge, had a single reader who wasn’t either already one of my friends or of blood relation to me. But I could really use a blog and I’ve been realizing my poverty: I applied to a blogging job a couple of weeks ago, scrambling to consolidate my web presence a couple hours beforehand, and realized that I could rock the job but I had no way of proving it. So it’s time for this blog to haul itself up by its bootstraps.

Last night, I sat down and thought about blogs. Why do I subscribe to blogs?
  • the topic interests me
  • and the author’s spin on it appeals to me

There’s not a whole lot else to it. I rarely subscribe to or even remember blogs for their literary merit. (Exception: Molly of Orangette won me over simply by her description of cabbage. Seriously, my greatest aspiration in life was to be a food writer for months after I read it.) I WILL sometimes unsubscribe from a blog, though, if I find the writer’s style—or lack of it—annoying.

Then at least one of the vital things my  Finely Ground has been missing is a focus. No more! This has just turned into a frugal living blog.

Now here is a niche where I have something to offer. I’ve never read a frugal living blog that I really liked—I’ve only ever observed them to contain long lists of rather un-original suggestions, posts with iffy “free offers” from places looking to get your information so they can spam you, or crazy ideas that just aren’t really useful (remove dust from your plants by rubbing them down with banana peels!!) So if you know a good frugal blog, send the link my way!
Here are the topics I’m brainstorming on:

  • tips to spend less when you shop
  • making your food budget go a little farther
  • interior design that won’t break the bank
  • cheap ways to clean your stuff without using harsh chemicals
  • cheap ways to clean yourself without using harsh chemicals (see I’m channeling a little bit of Green here, too)
  • a DIY project or two
  • frugal fun
  • a weekly Pinterest Hall of Fame (seriously, you should see the cool ideas some people have)
  • and maybe some frugal marketing, writing, and branding tips

What would you enjoy reading or find helpful?